Vision Statement


  • and win souls, one soul at a time.
  • and be in God’s presence, and worship & glorify him.
  • and the sick will be healed, the lost will be saved, the oppressed will be delivered, the dead will be raised, and where signs, wonders, and miracles will reside.
  • and all the gifts of the spirit will be in operation.
  • where believer’s will come to spiritual maturity.
  • and make disciples.
  • and feel the love and compassion of Jesus Christ.
  • and be in one heart and in one mind and have joy in doing ministry together.

Mission Statement

  • Reach up to glorify God.
  • Reach in to build each other up in Love.
  • Reach out to evangelize the world.

Core Values

  • Power & Presence of God
  • Be a Soul winning church
  • Prayer
  • Authoritative Word of God
  • Unity, being perfectly united in mind and thought
  • Making disciples
  • Becoming a contagious Christian
  • All the gifts of the Holy Spirit to be operating in the church